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TWN Owner, Ethan Blake, has announced that the fortnightly SUPERSHOW featuring stars from all over the World will be called Str!ke. While there is no official date for the first event, what we do know is that Blake has already begun the negotiation process with several wrestling organisations to allow their roster to represent them on TWN programming. 


Legend Vs Legend?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Wrestling Network has added to its roster, with the signing of SM Raye. The self-proclaimed 'best in the World' will represent FWA at STR!KE events. However, an interesting exchange on Twitter between Raye and BrAWL superstar, Eric James, suggested that the two have plans to face each other in a one-on-one encounter they're dubbing: Legend Vs Legend.

While this would be interesting to see on STR!KE, it must be noted that no deal has been confirmed between TWN, BrAWL and Eric James as of this writing. Watch this space.


World Elite Wrestling represented by Nefarious

Friday, December 20, 2013

Less than 24 hours have passed since TWN opened its doors and already, a promotion has sent one of their superstars to compete on the first Str!ke Supershow.

World Elite Wrestling, who are on the promotion of the year shortlist, has agreed a deal that sees their brand being represented on TWN television by 'The Walking Nightmare', Nefarious. The deranged superstar will feature in our first Supershow and we are delighted - if not a little scared - to have him on board.


From the office of Ethan Blake

Thursday, December 19, 2013

"...We work in an industry where everyone thinks they're the best. Whether they believe they're the best wrestler or the best promotion, it's all we ever hear. Until now, there has never been a sure-fire way for these people to prove they're the best. That's where The Wrestling Network comes in. I invite companies to allow some of their roster to represent them on TWN Supershows, competing against each other for titles, trophies and - perhaps most importantly; pride. If you think you're the best - prove it. I look forward to seeing you all here..."

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