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The Wrestling Network is an independent company, established in 2013 by media mogul, Ethan Blake. The company holds fortnightly wrestling events featuring independent wrestlers from around the World, who represent the company they wrestle for. Wrestling promotions enter their finest talent into TWN shows, both as a means to garner additional publicity and to compete against other promotions for the honour of being the best.

All TWN events are filmed for television at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, NY; a building steeped in rich wrestling tradition. Due to Ethan Blake's media connections, TWN events are aired on HBO in America, Eurosport across Europe and Channel 7 in Australia.

The objective for The Wrestling Network is clear: to provide Worldwide access to exceptional wrestling content, without monopolising the industry. TWN acts as a platform for wrestling organisations across the World to showcase their talent.


Ethan Blake is an American-born media mogul and owner of the Manhattan Center Studios. He carries a passion for professional wrestling unlike anyone else and has a dream to change the face of the business with his creation; The Wrestling Network.

The 33-year-old believes that wrestling is monopolised by World Wrestling Entertainment and wants that to change. During a recent interview with TIME Magazine, Blake stated: “[Vince] McMahon has done wonders for the industry as far as publicity and promotion goes, but that's now turned on its head to a point where he has no competition. You can promote something as much as you like but if the content becomes stale, people will lose interest. That's where I come in.”

Ethan is of the opinion that no one company could overthrow WWE as the most popular brand in wrestling today; however, grouping several companies together and showcasing talent from each of those brands to face one another for supremacy, is a refreshing concept that should appeal to most wrestling fans out there.

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