The Wrestling Network

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1.1 – The Wrestling Network is an independent eFed that showcases independent wrestlers at events, who represent their main company. When you join, it is essential that you state which eFed your character is representing. If you are joining as a brand new character who doesn't feature anywhere else, you must state “free agent”. You will then become a full member of TWN roster.

1.2 – If you join and you are representing a particular eFed, you will only be booked for matches if you have specifically requested to be included.

1.3 – While the posting of character contracts/statistics is mandatory for everyone, début roleplays are only required if you join TWN as a free agent, as you will be permanently employed by TWN. Début roleplays from people joining and representing another eFed is not necessary, although you can post if you choose to.

1.4 - eFeds can be represented by as many characters as they want. There is no limit on this. In fact, it is encouraged for eFed Vs eFed style tag team bouts.


2.1 – You'll notice that the “roster” page is titled alumni. This is because characters who join and represent other eFeds are not official roster members. They are only booked for events when they request to be booked. However, free agents (and therefore, TNW wrestlers) are considered permanent roster and will be booked for events automatically, unless they request not to be.

2.2 – You will only be placed on the active roster when you have submitted your contract/stats in the appropriate board, by filling out the template.

2.3 - There is a picture base limit of TWO. If you see two characters with the same picture base as yours, let us know. It may be that one of those characters doesn't feature all that often. We are flexible to an extent. It just depends on the circumstances.


3.1 – Matches are won by the person who submits the better roleplays in each match. We do not adopt a storyline outcome at TWN, so the matches are purely competitive.

3.2 – Initially, there will be one event every two weeks, featuring TWN roster and alumni representing other eFeds. However, as TWN grows, it is likely that we will incorporate a weekly show, exclusively for TWN roster members.

3.3 – There is a roleplay limit of TWO per character, per match. That includes tag team matches, meaning each member of the tag team can post two. It is not permitted for a character to post 3 and their partner to post 1. It is a maximum of two each. This does not apply in instances where both characters are controlled by the same person.


4.1 – As you can imagine, you are not permitted to use another person's character in your own roleplay, unless you have their consent to do so.

4.2 – As all TWN broadcasts air on prime-time television networks, you are not permitted to include illegal content in your roleplay, such as rape, murder, drug use, etc.

4.3 – Roleplays are judged by the management, who score each piece on creativity, grammar, originality, relevance and overall flow. We have no word count limit, as quality is far more important to us than quantity.


5.1 – Remember that when you roleplay and interact on this site, you are representing your chosen eFed, so it's important to be respectful of other members. We want you to have as much fun as possible, but not at the expense of anyone else.


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