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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is The Wrestling Network an “interfed”?

A. In a word – No. By its very definition, The Wrestling Network is not an “interfed”. TWN is an independent company that hosts a “supershow” (STR!KE) once every two weeks, featuring wrestlers/characters who are there to compete in a match and represent for their main eFed.

Q. I own an eFed. Why should I be part of TWN?

A. There are a few reasons. If nothing else, it gives your eFed more exposure and can increase your chances of having new members want to join your fed. In addition to that, there's TWN: League. This is a league that ranks eFeds based on the points they receive from STR!KE events. As an example, if an eFed is being represented by three wrestlers for a TWN super show, and all three wrestlers win, they receive points (among other things) for their eFed. Each month, the fed with the most points wins the Federation Trophy – which will garner even more exposure and attention. If nothing else, it's also a bit of fun – and at the end of the day, that's what we play this game for, right?

Q. As an eFed owner being represented, do I have to do anything?

A. No. TWN has it's own management team who post cards, judge roleplays and write full, in-depth results for the shows. All you need to do is make your roster aware of TWN so that they can come and represent you if they wish.

Q. If I join here and represent my main fed, will I be booked every week?

A. No. Before the fortnightly STR!KE card is finalised, we will open a thread for people to confirm whether they wish to be booked or not. Just because you've joined, posted stats and are on our roster, doesn't mean you'll be booked on every show. We give you complete freedom and flexibility in that sense. If you DO want to be booked on every card, just say so.

Q. What if I want to join TWN as a permanent member of the roster?

A. You absolutely can do. If you join as a character who doesn't RP at any other fed, simply state “free agent” in the relevant section of your stats form and you will automatically become a member of TWN.

Q. I'm a champion here at TWN and represent an eFed. Can I defend the title in my main eFed?

A. Absolutely, so long as your eFed “fedhead” is okay with it. The only thing to keep in mind, however is that if you defend it in your own eFed and lose to someone, that person must join TWN and defend the title at our events too. Likewise, if you're a champion here, you are required to defend the belt(s) here.

Q. I don't understand why you have characters who represent other eFeds as well as characters who are exclusively signed to TWN. Why is that?

A. TWN wants to grow as its own promotion, too. We only host supershows featuring everyone at the moment, however as we grow, that will hopefully change to include a weekly show exclusively for TWN members. That is down the line though and there are no immediate plans to incorporate that at this time.

Q. If TWN only hosts shows that feature wrestlers from other eFeds, why have titles?

A. Simply because we want to add some incentive to the matches. If it's not enough to represent for the eFed you love by winning matches for them against someone from another fed; if it's not enough to have bragging rights that you beat the competition from somewhere else in a “fantasy match”; then the championship belts add an extra bonus to the matches.

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